Salient Features

From the current Academic Year 2014-15, we have made three divisions in the School with equal focus to each division, to be more specific in teaching students and also to help Parents.

  1. Pre-primary
  2. Primary
  3. High School
  • Spacious digital class rooms with good ventilation
  • Caring and efficient teachers
  • Daily routine, discipline, nurturing good behaviour and activity based teaching
  • Best practice in teaching and learning processes
    • Academic partnership with RUMI’s Education System for improvement in quality of education and pedagogy
    • ABACUS classes
  • Computer and science lab
  • Drills and games
  • Open ground for morning assembly
  • Practice courts for outdoor games like basketball, volley ball, badminton, karate etc
  • Co-curricular activities like quizzing, elocution, essay, debates. Music, dance and art
  • Affordable Fee Structure
    • Free supply of text books for new admissions from class I to V
    • Free supply of one set of school uniform for new admissions from class I to X
    • Scholarships for meritorious students
    • Funding for needy students
  • Transport facility